Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's here! And it's almost time!

Students have returned, and I'm getting my math-geek on.  Yesterday we went over policies and procedures and began to get to know each other, but today we got to do some math.  I got to see what my students remember and - one of my favorite things - hear them talk mathematically with me and each other.

It's been a great start!

I'm two days from beginning flipped lessons in my Algebra 1 classes.  It's getting close!

Yesterday I gave a brief description of what our flipped classroom was going to look like.  I told the students my reasons for wanting to flip our classroom.  I shared my excitement for what this experience holds in store for us.  I tried real hard to sell the students on the idea!

My first two algebra classes seemed very interested.  Seventh Period looked at me like I had two heads. But I'm going to say those students were tired at the end of their first day and are really looking as forward to the process as Fourth and Fifth Periods!

At the end of one class today, a girl asked when we were watching the first video.  Others began to enter the conversation.  "I think the videos are a great idea!"  "Yeah, I think it'll be real good."  "My mom thought it was a good idea!"

I was excited they had talked about flipping with their parents, and their parents are already buying in.

Tomorrow I will make a "FIT" handout (a la Crystal Kirch) for our "how to watch a video" lesson.

Tonight or tomorrow I need to figure out how to use iTunes U and see if it's going to do what I need/want it to do.

Thursday we watch the first lesson in class.

Thursday night is Open House, and I get to give parents the same sales pitch I gave the kids:  what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, what I expect the benefits to be.

I can almost guarantee I won't blog Thursday night - the day of Open House always feels like two work days - but I can't wait to come back and report how Thursday goes!

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