Friday, September 5, 2014

My Classroom

TeachThought's 30-Day Blog Challenge topic for Day 5 of the Reflective Teacher is:

"Post a picture of your classroom, and describe what you see - and what you don't see that you'd like to."

"Group Work Day!"

When I look at my classroom, I see flexibility.  We can work with a partner, in groups, or independently.

I see color.  My walls aren't too busy, but there are enough inspirational, colorful posters to keep them from being boring.

I see life.  My plant (a gift) does a lot for the atmosphere of the room (literally and figuratively!).

I see a sense of anticipation, being ready for whatever creative activity is next.

"The boring arrangement," in my daughter's words
What I don't see, that I would like to see, is more tables.  I would like to have a more convenient  place to gather and work with small groups.  I would also like to see more room to have a little more flexibility with my desk arrangement when students aren't in groups.

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