Thursday, September 4, 2014

What Do I Love the Most About Teaching?

Welcome to Day 4 of TeachThought's Reflective Teacher 30-Day Blog Challenge!

What do I love the most about teaching?  It might be cheating, but I decided on two things I love most.

One is building relationships.  While it is not my job - or my desire - to be my students' "friend" or "buddy," I want to build a solid, trusting relationship with my students.  I want them to know I am on their side, and I have their back.  I want them to know I care about them as individuals with unique interests, strengths, and personalities.

There is possibly no better motivator for a student - especially for one who finds intrinsic motivation hard to find - than a positive relationship with at least one adult at school.

Another part of teaching I love the most are the "A-Ha!" moments.  I love seeing the light bulb come on in a student's head.  That moment of understanding, of breakthrough, of "getting it" is incredibly rewarding to me.  I love when students realize they CAN understand and be successful with math.  I love seeing their confidence grow.  As I begin to focus more on developing a growth mindset in my students, I hope to experience more "A-Ha!" moments with them.

There are lots of things I love about teaching.  But if I can build rapport and solid relationships with my students and see them experience success and confidence in math, I will be a happy teacher.

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