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My Top Ten Posts of 2015

I realize my blog is still relatively little, but I enjoy seeing the number of views grow over time. I'm a sucker for stats (I am a math teacher after all), and I love watching the daily views, number of post views, and where the views are coming from.

I've seen a couple of "Top 10" blog posts floating around, so I thought I would post my own.

1) #flipclass Flash Blog: Late Work (This is, by far, the all-time most popular post on the blog.)

2) Transforming as an Educator (This post was difficult to write.)

3) Spending a Week with Pythagoras (What a fun week!)

4) #flipclass Flash Blog: Building Community Outside of School (I always love promoting Twitter!)

5) #flipclass Flash Blog: Thanksgiving (I have so much to be thankful for.)

6) #flipclass Flash Blog: Grading (How I tackle this necessary evil.)

7) #flipclass Flash Blog: Building a Positive Classroom Culture (I am convinced positive relationships are the most important thing I can develop in my classroom.)

8) The …