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Sharing My Passion With Others. Eek!

It seems like the only way I get any blogging done anymore is to be assigned a Flash Blog by #flipclass.

But that's not a bad thing, right?

We're talking about conferences tonight. Attending them, presenting at them.

I've blogged about my most recent conference experiences: my last year of Laying the Foundation training and my very first EdCamp experience.

I'm now lined up to present at 2 events: next week's professional development day at school and the North Alabama Technology Conference in June. Both about flipping my classroom.

EEEK! What have I done????

I LOVE my flipped classroom. I've shared about it with whomever has asked.

But that's always been with someone who's interested or curious enough to ask me about it.

I'm not too worried about the technology conference; those attendees will WANT to be there and will have CHOSEN to come to my session.

But a required professional development day?

I love my coworkers. I really do. But I know how th…