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Taking My Flipped Game to a New Level

Last spring I was asked to teach two classes for our local community college. I agreed (spring is a blur, so I'm not sure I can be held accountable for my actions, LOL). Only one of the classes made: Pre-Calculus Trigonometry.

The class meets one night a week for four and half hours.
That's right. Four and a half. Hours.
This flipped teacher can't stand to listen to herself for more than 10 or 15 minutes anymore.
And I'm supposed to teach for 270 minutes?
And my students. My poor students. They're supposed to listen to me (and absorb) for 4.5 hours?
I knew from the get-go I would be flipping my class.
Everything about this - the class structure, the students, the material - is completely different from my 8th Grade Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 classroom.
But I took what I know and ran with it.
I decided what I needed to cover each week - with only 9 class sessions, it's a TON - and split it into topics for videos.
I decide what to give as practice for material.
I …

Thoughts on End-of-Year Reflections school's been out over a week, and I gave my end-of-year reflection Google Form over two weeks ago, but I did want to jot a few thoughts to help me remember what I wanted to continue to work on next year.

WIN: "Mrs. Gibbs provides opportunities to work together" got 100% "agree" or "strongly agree"! Partner work/group work/working together/working with friends was probably the most-mentioned in "Things I enjoy about this class."

Flipped lessons/videos were a close runner-up, and one student said s/he would probably use my YouTube channel in the future.

Students wished we did more activities involving food (the Pythagorean Theorem activity with Cheez-Its was a favorite with my Pre-Algebra kids).

"Cheat sheets" and partner tests were a plus, according to my Algebra 1 kids. (As I blogged here, this is an area I continue to explore.)

The Pythagorean Theorem was once again the winner of "What is one thing you learned you wi…