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Flipclass Recap: The First 9 Weeks

We've completed the first grading period of the school year.  I have 9 weeks of flipped lessons under my belt.  I recorded (and students watched) 25 videos. Over 4 hours of direct instruction moved to students' control.

So, what's the verdict?  The good, the bad, the ugly?

Well, there is no ugly.  And really nothing bad.

I'm a believer.

I've blogged about a couple of the aspects that have made me a flipclass convert.  The flipped classroom is the most efficient use of my and my students' time. In-class activities are so much more enjoyable than in my traditional classroom.

Student reviews have been very positive. They like their more manageable homework load.  I give them all their guided notes for the week and have the videos uploaded and ready to go the Friday before the week they're needed; students like being able to watch the videos when it is most convenient for them. They like that the videos are always there to refer to if/when needed. They like th…

A Day in the Life of the Flipped Classroom

So...with direct instruction moved outside of the classroom, what exactly do I do all class period?

The short answer:  all the activities I've never been able to do with my students.

My Pre-AP Algebra 1 students have always been shortchanged when it came to variety in the types of activities they were able to do in class.  There were exceptions, but most days were a seemingly endless cycle of lecture+notes and working problems in the book.  Direct instruction took most of the class period, so the only option for practice was book work or worksheets.

Now, the sky's the limit.  Foldables, scavenger hunts, task cards with QR codes, sorts, cut-n-paste, relays, group work, partner work, and lots and lots of problem-solving.  There are still times of problems out of the book, but I am often able to chunk it into manageable, not-too-boring, small sections of time.

Class is usually broken into three 15-minute parts, give or take a few minutes.  Depending on the activity, we may only …