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Just Keep Swimming....

Wow...It's been a long time since I've blogged!

I've been trying to channel my inner Dory. ALL of us at school have.
It's that time of the school year.
Very little sun...very little warmth (although this has not been that brutal of a winter)...very little energy...restless students...Christmas Break is a distant memory...Spring Break seems so, so far away.
One reason I haven't blogged is there hasn't been much to say. We keep on keeping on. Algebra 1 students watch videos, we do activities in class. Pre-Algebra students got to shift gears to some more skill-based topics, and it's been fun to see them expand their understanding of the real numbers and the number line. They're currently doing the Pythagorean Theorem unit Algebra 1 did early in the year. I love that unit.
Another reason I haven't blogged is I've felt so "blah." I'm not in the funk I was first semester, but I've been in one of those phases where I just put one foot…