Friday, September 12, 2014

The Next Five Years

I've been looking forward to answering today's Reflective Teacher Blog Challenge prompt.  TeachThought asks:

"How do you envision your teaching changing over the next five years?"

I'm not sure I would have had a good answer to this question before this past summer.

Now, though, I see two major changes in the next five years.

I can see flipping all my classes, my collaborative pre-algebra classes as well as my Algebra 1 classes. Fewer of my pre-algebra students have the access of most of my algebra students, and they have less motivation to do work of any kind outside of class, but I am beginning to brainstorm ideas for how to make some sort of flipping work for them.  I don't know if it will happen this year - flipping Algebra 1 is taking a LOT of time - but I can definitely see being ready to try something next school year.

The second change I see is a move to standards-based grading.  I think this would be process that would take a few years to fully implement.  I've made a start with my new retake/redo policy this year, and I can see the way I grade and the way students measure success in my class continuing to transform over time.

Many things have changed since I began my teaching career 21 years ago.  I am a different teacher than I was 21 years ago (heck, I'm a different teacher than I was last year!).  I hope I never grow resistant to change and continue to experience lots of metamorphosis as I enter the latter part of my years as a teacher.


  1. flipping your classes, even if it is what some call a "moderated flipped class" (a smaller version) you will find yourself freed up to dialogue with the students more and you will really love it!

    1. I've flipped my algebra classes this year, and I do love it! I'm having more discussions with students than ever. Thanks for stopping by!