Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekends and Holidays

Day 27 prompt for TeachThought's 30-Day Reflective Teacher Blog Challenge:

What role do weekends and holidays play in your teaching?

I have found that it is very important for my mental, emotional, and physical health that I get some rest each week.  I need time to rest and recharge to be at my best.

I *try* to take one day each weekend - Saturday, usually - as a "school-free" day.  It is also beneficial if that day is spent at home with some sleeping in and reading and mindless TV.

Emphasis on the word "try."  Being the mom of two active teenagers and the sponsor of two competitive academic school activities, it's not always possible to take Saturday "off."  But I do better the following week if I get that day.

I will occasionally plan lessons or grade papers on Saturday, if it strikes my fancy.

Sunday mornings are spent at church.  That time spent in studying and worship is very important in getting me through the work week.

Sunday afternoons and evenings are spent catching up, grading papers, and making SURE I'm ready for the week.  This school year I've designated Sunday afternoons as the time to make videos for flipped lessons.

I try to take advantage of holidays to recharge.  There is usually some school work that must be done during holidays, but I really try to give my brain a break.

There have been holidays where my brain completely shuts down the area it designates for school.  I go back to school and am completely off-kilter and out-of-sync.  It takes me a few days to get back in the swing of things.

That phenomenon doesn't happen often.

I try to keep the time I'm away from school in the proper balance.  Staying on top of what needs to be done for school but also enjoying time with my family and getting the rest I need so I can do a good job when I'm in the classroom.

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